Saturday, 18 March 2017

Things to consider while changing domain

There are many reasons why you necessitate changing your website’s domain name, whether it’s because you’re re branding or changing to something completely innovative. This can be an exciting time for your personal or professional site.

So, in this time many possible growing chances you may miss, like ranking, visitors, customers, traffic and others if you do not plan it well in advance.

List out over all your services:
When you are considering the move, don’t forget to update the all SEO, such as web forms, analytics, landing page and tracking software on the time start by making list of the add-on services on current services.

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Setting up redirects:
If there’s one thing that search engines are find, it’s duplicate content. Google won’t automatically know that the new site belongs to the same person that owns the old one, so need give to update, this can possible through setting up the redirects.
If you are permanently moving new location, set it as 301 redirects, If you are moving temporally set as 302 redirects.
301 redirects are important for your visitors as well. People might click links from old sites, old emails or their bookmarks, which will not be updated to your new site.

Update google webmaster and Google analytics:
Once you’ve done with 301 redirects, second important thing is to do settings for SEO. You must inform Google that you have changed your domain; this can be possible by changing the address tool in Google master tool which help you allow the Google for better index and bring the same traffic and old site ranking.
If you’re changed your old Google Analytics code to your new site, you will still be tracking all of your site’s data.

Consider Social Medias:
Social medias bring you lots of visitors, customers, sales, by seeing your profile so Do not neglect your social media profiles when you’re planning for the changeover. Do proper research ahead of time about your desired social Medias handle or URL on each social media platform to switch the old domain to new one.

Change your email Address:
Once you start using your new domain name, edit your email address to match that new domain. If you use your domain for your email addresses, be sure to map them over to your new domain as well

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